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Gynecology Services

All Women’s Medical of New York has been providing high-quality healthcare services to women for many years.

Offering a comprehensive range of gynecological services and staying up-to-date with the latest medical technologies are important aspects of delivering excellent healthcare.

Gynecologists play a crucial role in women’s health, addressing a wide range of medical needs, including prenatal care, reproductive health, family planning, and more.

Ensuring that our healthcare providers are experienced and qualified is essential for the well-being of all of our patients.

Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right, and making it accessible and affordable is our commitment.

For individuals seeking healthcare services related to women’s health in New York, All Women’s Medical of New York’s commitment to medical excellence and access to advanced technology can be reassuring and a reason to consider our services.

We have both male and female physicians, and female nurse practitioners trained and experienced in gynecology and Family Planning.

Annual gynecological care includes:

  • pelvic exam
  • breast exam
  • routine lab work
  • PAP Smear
  • and other tests if requested or needed
Upon your request, you will be assisted in selecting a method of birth control suitable for you.

Gynecological problems are also diagnosed and treated accordingly.

We treat:

  • abnormal pap smears
  • pelvic pain
  • vulvar or vaginal lesions
  • sexually transmitted diseases
  • abnormal bleeding


We provide a full array of vaccinations for preventative care, including but not limited to vaccinations for:

  • flu
  • tetanus
  • herpes
  • hepatitis B

Pregnancy Testing

Free Pregnancy Testing.

Most women are anxious to determine whether or not they are pregnant – as quickly as possible. At All Women’s Medical of New York, our offices offer pregnancy testing whenever we are open. No appointment is necessary.

Most test results are available within 15 minutes and our counseling staff is readily available to discuss your test results with you after the test is completed.

  • Routine Pregnancy Test
    There is no charge for our routine urine pregnancy test that is accurate 14 days after a missed period.

  • Early Detection Test
    We provide an early detection urine test that is reliable and accurate 10 days after conception, often before a missed period. There is a small fee for this test.

Weight Control

We sponsor and support Diet Programs with a practical approach to weight control that can be accomplished by busy people on the run.

Accredited by QUAD A.

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We encourage you to visit and meet with our staff at any time.

Please feel free to call if you have any questions that you would like to discuss with counselors or medical staff.