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Birth control

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You will meet with a health educator who will go over all your options to figure out what is the best birth control option for you.

Birth Control Pills

Combined oral contraceptives are commonly known as “the pill”. They contain 2 man made hormones called estrogen and progestin. The pill prevents ovulation.

Birth control pills at abortion clinics in Queens and White Plains, New York

Mini Pill

Progestin “only” hormone oral contraceptives. Thickens the cervical mucus; blocks sperm from entering the cervix; and, prevents ovulation.

Mini pill Progestin only pill packs for birth control at New York clinics


Acts as a barrier method of birth control that prevents pregnancy by placing a physical and chemical “wall” between the sperm and the cervix

Birth control diaphragm at New York abortion clinics in Queens and White Plains.

Copper IUD

A small, plastic inserted by inside the uterus. Interferes with the movement of sperm thus preventing fertilization of the egg.

Birth control IUD in New York abortion clinic in White Plains and Queens, NY.


Depo-Provera is a progestin “only” injectable that stops ovulation (release of an egg from ovary) every 3 months.

Birth control shots at New York clinics - All Women's Medical of New York

Tubal Ligation

A surgical form of sterilization that is a permanent form of birth control. Fallopian tubes are tied, sealed or clamped off.

Birth Control tubal ligation at Queens and White Plains, New York clinics

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