Abortion up to 24 Weeks

Sonogram Guided Abortion
At All Women’s Medical, we do more because we care more

Why settle for a blind procedure when your doctor, through sonograph can view the procedure.

Your safety is our #1 priority. For that reason, 100% of our procedures are performed under COMPLETE SONOGRAM GUIDANCE. Unlike a “blind” procedure in which a doctor goes solely on his sense of feel, we use Sonography to give the additional benefit of sight for a gentler and safer procedure. The use of sonography guides our surgeons directly to the pregnancy so the risk of injury or retained tissue is kept at a minimum. Sonography also lowers the amount of time the procedure takes thereby helping the doctors to decrease the amount of time you spend under anesthesia.

No two women are created the same and neither is their uterus. Previous medical conditions such as fibroids, prior cesareans and the number of pregnancies all contribute to the uniqueness of each uterus. With the use of sonography, we are able to see the uterus in three dimensions assuring us that the uterus is empty of products of conseption.

Safe Individualized Anesthesia Care
Two doctors are better than one!

Every patient who enters our operating room is greeted by two doctors, a surgeon and an anesthesiologist. Just as no two patients are the same, neither are their individual needs for anesthesia. Our team of physicians discusses the specific needs of each patient before her procedure for maximum safety and comfort. Should you choose to be asleep for your procedure, you may take comfort in the fact that your individualized anesthesia options are tailored specifically for YOU.