All yearly appointments scheduled for gynecological exams include: a pelvic exam, breast exam, routine lab work, pap smear, and other tests if requested or needed.

Upon your request, you will be assisted in selecting a method of birth control suitable for you Birth Control.

The in office Essure procedure for permanent birth control is available in many of our facilities.

Gynecological problems are also diagnosed and treated accordingly. We treat abnormal pap smears, pelvic pain, vulvar or vaginal lesions, sexually transmitted diseases, and abnormal bleeding.

We provide a full array of vaccinations for preventative care, including but not limited to vaccinations for flu, tetanus, herpes , and hepatitis B.

We sponsor and support Diet Programs with a practical approach to weight control that can be accomplished by busy people on the run.

We have available in many locations male and female physicians and female nurse practitioners trained and experienced in gynecology and Family Planning.

We encourage you to visit our facilities and meet with our staff at any time. Please feel free to call if you have any questions that you would like to discuss with our in house counselors or medical staff. We are here to serve your needs.